Collection: Sacredbee

After being stung by a bee and very nearly dying from anaphylactic shock, Connecticut based artist Pamela Zagarenski was struck by the realization that life can be taken from us in a split second of time. That BEE was her gift. She left her job and followed her heart and hasn’t looked back. Her magical drawings and beautiful thoughts and quotes are therapy and inspiration for the child in all of us. Hello Sunday is the number one place to buy Sacredbee cards in Australia.

Meet the artist

Pamela Zagarenski

A near death experience from a bee sting inspired Pamela to quit her job of 23 years and begin her journey as a freelance illustrator. This work led her to create her company, SacredBee, with the idea of blending inspirational images and words together to inspire people to follow their dreams.

The bees, the fox, the whales the crowns and tea are her symbols. They inspire her and perhaps in their secret stories, they might now inspire you to discover and remember to look for the hidden treasures both in books and in our incredible world.