Collection: Niaski

Nia Gould is a cat loving, degree qualified graphic designer from Devon in England. Her five lifetime feline family members – Sampson, Salvador, Socket, Frida and Pablo – have inspired her wonderful collection of famous artists-as-cats illustrations. Her work has been featured in gallery exhibitions and is sold in design boutiques and gallery shops internationally. Hello Sunday is the number one place to buy Niaski in Australia.

Meet the artist

Nia Gould

Nia started designing professionally in 2001 and graduated with a first-class degree in Graphic Design in 2008 from Falmouth, a university renowned worldwide for art, design and media.

Her other great love in life is cats. There have been five cats in her life who have been a big part of the inspiration behind Niaski - Sampson, Salvador, Socket, Frida and Pablo. You’ll find that they have made their way into a lot of her work. She creates everything from greetings cards, prints, tote bags, enamel pins and cushions, as well as custom designs and prints for cat owners who want unique illustrations of their furry friends.

Nia's most popular design series combines her two passions – a set of observational prints inspired by her cats, posing as some of the world’s most loved artists.

To date her work has been displayed in a number gallery exhibitions, and stockists include design boutiques and gallery shops across the UK and all over the world.