Collection: JooJoo Paper

Born and raised in Iran to a family of artists, Afi Tajvidi was destined to design. After emigrating to Canada in 2006 and working as a web designer, back pain issues forced her to quit her job and she started painting part time. She sold so much work on etsy that she was able to create her own stationery company, featuring her beautiful, hand painted expressions of the joy of life. Hello Sunday is the number one place to buy JooJoo cards in Australia.

Meet the artist

Afsaneh Tajvidi

Afsaneh Tajvidi is an illustrator and multimedia artist living with her husband and two funny cats in the beautiful city of Toronto.

She is a big believer in finding joy in the simple pleasures of life and sharing them with others. It can be as simple as finding a pretty autumn leaf on the ground or trying a new fruit for the first time. Afi loves to create the kind of art that celebrates these joyful little things. She does this with the hope of capturing good feelings so that you can re-live them over and over; something that brings a smile to your face and makes you daydream.