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Born from the combined talents of Simon and Nicola Hutchinson in their Yorkshire studio, their creations infuse Bohemian inspirations with radiant hues. From majestic tigers on mystical carpets to vibrant toucans, each piece is a testament to imaginative artistry. For the best of Hutch Cassidy's greeting cards and art prints, look no further than Hello Sunday – the top destination in Australia.

Meet the artist

Simon and Nicola Hutchinson

Hutch Cassidy is run by husband and wife team Simon and Nicola Hutchinson from their studio in North Yorkshire. Both work together to create happy and stylish greeting cards that combine their love of the Bohemian world with bold use of colour.

All their illustrations are designed in house with each piece telling its own visual story. From tigers on magical carpets to tropical toucans, their aim is to create magical and unique greeting cards to be shared with those closest to us.