Collection: Fireweed

Fireweed is a celebration of the botanical matrix. Flower and plant specimens have been lovingly suspended in time through the art of pressing and drying. Fireweed is a modern day, interpretative revival of a centuries old tradition based on raw and heartfelt illustrations by artist and co-founder, Anahata Katkin. Fireweed was established in 2019, but mother and daughter duo Gina & Anahata Katkin have been working side by side since 2003 when they founded their first stationery brand Papaya. Hello Sunday is the number one place to buy Fireweed in Australia.

Meet the artist

Anahata Katkin

Anahata Katkin was born in 1978. An Alaskan-bred, Atlanta based artist and co founder of Papaya, she developed her passion for the arts by trial-and-error discovery. Anahata creates original paintings, drawings, mixed media pieces and illustrations. She has woven a heart centred landscape of off-beat icons and illustrations that have comprised the Papaya brand signature aesthetic since it's beginning in 2003.

Anahata is continually inspired to bounce between her life as an artist, mother, entrepreneur, traveler and boutique-maker. The facets of Anahata’s professional and personal life merge together in what she likes to call, "Creative Abandon". A credo that to her, simply means a life of purpose, passion and creative authenticity rolled into a singular goal.