Collection: Dear Prudence

Founded in 2010 by Scottish designer Laura Park and now based in York, this is one sweet, sweet brand of cards and paper goods. Laura has an uncanny ability to make animals seem very human, with whimsical illustrations and cute captions. Check out her latest designs and you’ll fall in love with them. Hello Sunday is the number one place to buy Dear Prudence cards in Australia.

Meet the artist

Laura Park

The world of Laura Park's Dear Prudence is deeply entwined with nature and folklore - animals, each their own character, plants, trees, birds, the trappings and comforts of home and story telling. You will see many influences from the world of textiles peppered here, too. Intricate Lace Patterns, Traditional Welsh Blankets, Cross Stitch and Patchwork Quilts. The fabric of life, woven together perfectly with Laura's unique take on place, story and sentiment.