Kate Knapp

Kate Knapp

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Kate Knapp, a magical artist and illustrator from Queensland, Australia is known for her children’s books with beautiful hand drawn watercolor illustrations of nature, charming littles houses, fairy hunting, afternoon teas and talking dressed cute animals.

The most popular of these furry characters is the well loved “always aware” white hare named Ruby Red Shoes which is also Kate Knapp’s best selling children’s book.

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Kate had a simple childhood in a quiet and peaceful western suburbs in Brisbane, Queensland where she and her sister Samantha grew up. Playing with the other kids in their neighborhood and riding their bicycles.

Her fondest memories were about a round wooden table with emerald green carpet and Marimekko curtains where they ate dinner and conversed every night with her sister. It was the holidays spent in the UK with her grandmother that became instrumental to her creation of the popular character and story of Ruby Red Shoes.

Her grandmother loved feeding foxes with strawberry jam on toast, which also became the inspiration for the character Babushka Galina Galushka, Ruby Red Shoes grandmother who loves helping Ruby learn the meaning of new words, make pasta and show her the beauty of nature.


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According to Kate Knapp, her whole childhood was a great fodder for creating and writing children’s books we now enjoy. Kate creates all her artwork by hand, using pencil, ink, watercolour ...and a bit of magic.

Kate wanted an escape from the fast paced reality of life. A gentle and peaceful  world of wonders was born out of her creativity. Talking furry friends in a place where time doesn't run but walk for everyone to enjoy.

“I am most creative when I have a deadline. That’s why I always have deadlines!”

A good tip of being a creative is setting deadlines. This has become a great way for her to motivate herself to her craft. Kate is also driven by a desire to contribute to the world and that contribution is through her vast creative imagination that spans from books to paintings and even homewares that is both enjoyed by children and grown ups across the nation.

The Twigseeds band of furry and feathery friends have grown a following of both children and grown-ups alike. They have appeared in books, magazines, art prints, greeting cards, stationery, plush toys and bed linen.

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