Meet the Creatives | An Interview with Amy Sia

Meet the Creatives | An Interview with Amy Sia

Amy Sia is an Australian born, London based designer who paints and photoshops bold, colourful print style illustration pieces. She has worked with many of the world’s most respected brands including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Topshop, Victoria Secret, Anthropologie and Asos. Her unique printmaking style has adorned the fabrics of these beautiful brands and been stocked in stores all over the world.

The team at Hello Sunday are proud to announce a collaboration with her to realise a collection of stunning textile goods consisting of totes, pouches, purses and a line of luxury candle décor lanterns.

We got in touch with Amy and went behind the scenes to ask her a few questions about her art and its origins.

What inspires your artwork?

I'm inspired by fashion, the beauty of nature, travelling, textiles and art. Inspiration is everywhere. I love going to galleries, reading books, going to the shops and markets, talking a walk, travelling and looking online.


What was the main creative process you used to create the illustrations in the hello Sunday collection?

I start with a brief or idea for a group of designs perhaps it is a tropical theme, floral or a geometric etc.  I research and gather references via Pinterest, Instagram, books or my own photos and then I start painting! After I've done some painting it is time to scan my paintings and edit them on Photoshop. Sometimes it is just a small tweak, other times the painting looks unrecognisable!



Where did your love of art originate?

I've always loved to paint and draw, as a child my favourite thing to do was paint flowers and dresses! I would say it is something I have just always loved! I remember being so sad in grade two when we stopped doing painting everyday! My immediate family are not actually that artistic, my parents work in the medical field and so does my brother, so I'm not very sure where it has come from! Perhaps it was from my granddad who was a  art teacher or my aunt who is a creative person. I have childhood memories of painting life size reindeers for David Jones Christmas decorations (my aunt's business at the time!) It was so much fun but I'm sure none of mine made the cut!




What’s your favourite colour?

Oh that is so difficult! I love most colours but I probably love hot pink, emerald green and anything metallic.



What are three painting items you cannot live without?

I love good quality brushes and watercolour paper. I'm not too fussy about brands for these. However, I'm obsessed with Dr P.h Martin's radiant watercolours.  They are so bright I have every single colour! I'll probably cry if they're ever discontinued.

Amy Sia Tote


What are you working on now and what’s next for you?


My most recent project was some floral monogram for mugs and next up I'm painting some floral designs as they're always popular!




You can shop our Amy Sia collection here:

And find her website here:

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