The Top Funny Cards to Cheer Up A Friend

The Top Funny Cards to Cheer Up A Friend

Sticker Card - Freaking OutLaughter is the best medicine. Surely you must have heard of that saying a thousand times over. Well, that is because it is true! Laughing doesn't only make you feel good, it is actually good for you too.

A few minutes of laughter a day has shown to improve health in many ways. Every time you laugh, your body releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins which improves mood, relieves stress response, soothes tension, and boosts overall well-being.

Dog in A Previous Life Magnet

Sharing the pleasure of humour can bring people closer together and help form strong bonds. And there is no other day more perfect when it comes to sharing jokes and putting smiles on the faces of all your loved ones than on National Tell A Joke Day.

Whether you want to break the tension, ease stress, or just want to lighten up the atmosphere, maybe you are thinking... "What makes a good joke?" "What jokes can I share that will make anyone laugh?" Well, there are many different types of humours for different folks. But a good joke is relatable, easy to understand, clever, and has elements of oddity, shock, and unpredictability.

However, should you not have a single funny bone in you, do not worry. For this day of of smiles and laughter, you can hand out some funny cards instead or how about a funny gift or two?

Comfort Zone Card


Congratulate that friend


 Those Uncomfortable Times

Everything Happens Card

J.K. Rolling Card


Wine Humour


Money is not an issue



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