Isolation - Our Top Gift Picks to Keep the Mind Active

Isolation - Our Top Gift Picks to Keep the Mind Active

In these unprecedented times, where isolation has become a strange normalcy, it is important for both the body and mind to maintain a semblance of routine. Setting up daily practices is a great way to keep on top of our mental health, to stay organised, and to make sure the mind is active. Whether you are still able to work, working from home, or not able to work at all, these small gestures and rituals in your daily life may help you through some of those feelings of chaos and anxiety that are permeating our lives.


So much time inside the home can begin to make life feel slightly blurry. What day is it, you you may ask yourself, as you change into a new set of pyjamas.  Keeping a planner is a great way to structure the newfound time in a way that is productive and efficient. Using a handwritten planner, task book or list, is a great simplistic and visual way to engage in mindful organisation, as well as a calming moment to step aside from the constant hum of technology. Whether you are calendaring work meetings, skype
/zoom calls with family on the other side of the world, or even noting the days you will go grocery shopping or outdoor exercising, keeping track of your time is a great way to reduce the feeling of cabin fever. Staying organised during this time can also help you articulate short term and long term goals and keep us on track in a time of chaos.

Mark's Planner


We believe the current time of isolation and self-imposed aloneness can be used as a time for reflection. Keeping a
journal can help us articulate our thoughts and help us alleviate our anxieties and concerns to our hopes and inner reflections. Now is a perfect time to retreat from the fast-pace of modern life and turn inwards. Writing down your ideas in an organised way can also help you feel inspired to articulate new ideas and knowledge in your life and make plans for the future.

Apica Journals
Castelli Journals

Colouring books

Our wide collection of
adult age colouring books is the perfect way to de-stress with some art therapy. Colouring is scientifically proven to engage and stimulate our often neglected right brain and help us feel stimulated and positive… it is amazingly therapeutic. We have the world’s finest colouring books from Pepin Press, from Indian inspired artworks to Art Nouveau designs, each book is filled to the brim with intricate patterns and shapes for your colouring desires. Fill the pages with colour to reach a calming and peaceful state.

Colouring Books

Origami Books

Our origami books are the perfect idea to engage in a soft, calming and tranquil practice in a time of much upheaval. These books are perfect for enabling us to create something beautiful in our solitude and to encourage mindful practices. The gorgeous patterns will also add a beautiful aesthetic to the home. Find your paper zen with our Pepin Origami books.

Origami Books

Letter Writing

Now is the perfect time to get back into the
timeless art of letter writing. While we may not be able to make physical contact with our friends and family, ensuring our emotional and social connections remain is more important than ever. Our beautiful letter writing sets are perfect for sending thoughtful letters to our loved ones. What better way to share some love during this time?

Writing Sets

Light a candle

When the day comes to an end, its time to switch off the technology and try for some more calming moments. In all the stress and commotion of our present time, perhaps you like to end the day by reading a book, engaging in meditation, or doing some yoga
in your bedroom. Our Essensory candles are the perfect accompaniment to your final rituals of the day. The luxurious aromas come in natural fragrances that will bring the natural world into your home.


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