The Stylish Traveler | Summer Wanderlust

The Stylish Traveler | Summer Wanderlust

Summer has a unique way of awakening wanderlust. The way the air bakes and shines, the yearning for travelling to a place to revive our spirit. We become magnets hugging the coast line to find a secluded patch of tranquility, where the wind blows a cool salty breeze off the ocean. A quiet bungalow in Vanuatu, a campervan on the South Coast or a beach shack in Byron. These days give our minds the much needed time to unravel from the stresses of daily life, a long breath after a deep dive. When satisfying any bout of waterlust here are some accessories that can make the experience complete.


Elegant and refined, these sunglasses are a timeless addition to your time off.  Simple, stylish, elegant and smart enough for the beach or the city.

Sunglasses | Hello Sunday

Tote bags

Here at Hello Sunday we have created a stunning tote bag from all organic, environmentally friendly materials with completely ethical manufacturing. The simple two-toned design is reminiscent of the blue and white colours at the beach, indestructible in quality this elegant bag will carry all your small daily lifestyle essentials.

Tote bag | Hello Sunday



I am in love with these classics from Beek. When it comes to sandals, simple is better. No one wants their ankles to be caught in a choker hold or to spend unnecessary time unclipping and untying. 

Sandals | Hello Sunday



The beach is all about cooling off and escaping the simmering sun rays, and what better way than to take a dip in the big blue? We really like this classic bikini from Seafolly. It’s simple yet refined and perfect for your daily swimming needs.



It's super important to feel comfortable when you're traveling and a light simple dress like this one from Faithfull is an absolutely essential item. The team at Faithfull Brand always nail the perfect summer style. Reasonably priced and made with high quality, breathable fabrics, we can't recommend these enough.

Hello Sunday | Dress


Water bottles

With an afternoon beach walk on the horizon you're going to be reaching to fill up your water bottle. These beautiful bohemian style water bottles from Papaya and available at Hello Sunday, are a crucial companion to your travel trip - a must to keep your water cool and your thirst at bay.



This elegant Yestardt hat is gorgeous. Entirely handwoven on the mountains of Ecuador.and impeccably styled it's perfectly suited for lazing on a sun soaked beach. An exquisite blend of classical and modern millinery.

Hat | Hello Sunday

We’ve also created a handy collection of our favourite travel items from Hello Sunday. Click the link below to browse.

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