How to Find Motivation When You're Burnt Out

How to Find Motivation When You're Burnt Out

Been feeling the monday blues since forever? If you've been feeling down, depleted, overwhelmed, irritable, unproductive, and unable to cope with daily life, you could probably be experiencing burnout.

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Burnout happens when excessive workplace stress builds over a period of time and remains unresolved. It can manifest as fatigue, having a cynical outlook, poor work performance or productivity, and emotional and/or mental exhaustion.

The strain of burnout symptoms can spill over into your personal life which can negatively impact every area of life, including home, work, and just about any aspect of your life that you love doing. The key to avoiding it is by maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We know it's not easy but we have a couple of simple tips on how to keep you motivated at work without burning out:


Establish Boundaries

We just want to do our best with work that on some days we tend to go overboard with our hours. Setting boundaries will help keep your work and personal life separate. Stick to your work schedule and avoid answering any work-related emails or calls during breaks and outside working hours. It's a tough call for some but this can help you greatly in the long run.



Make Simple Lifestyle Changes

Making tiny tweaks in your lifestyle can help enhance quality of life, boost mood, and improve overall well being. Taking care of yourself is really important so make sure to focus on the basics: have enough sleep, exercise, eat well, and stay hydrated.


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Relaxing Hobbies

Taking time to destress is crucial to having a happier, healthier life. Painting, listening to music, gardening, playing games, crafting, baking, journaling, and reading a book are some fun, wonderful ways to relieve stress. But if none of these suggestions seem to be the right fit for you, don't be afraid to explore and try something new. After all, we all process stress and cope with it differently.


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Vacation Time

Another way to cope with daily work life is to take some time away in order to relax and unwind. This is also the best time to take that vacation you've been eyeing on for a long time now. Going on a holiday is definitely a great way to reduce any kind of stress so you can return feeling refreshed and more capable to handle whatever arises in your work life. 


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Seek support

Don't be ashamed to lean on others for support - be it friends, family, or a therapist. Having a safe environment to discuss your struggles will help to alleviate stress. Remember that recovering from burnout is a process so be patient with yourself.

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